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Embroidery On-Demand

When it comes to on-demand embroidery, single-piece embroidery, and just-in-time inventory solutions, Vantage stands as the best in the business. With a team of highly experienced digitizers and embroidery operators, we offer unmatched production capabilities to fulfill orders ranging from a single piece to a staggering 100,000 pieces.

Why Choose Vantage for Your Embroidery Needs?

At Vantage, we prioritize quality and efficiency in every stitch we make. Our cutting-edge digitization process ensures that your logos are optimized for our embroidery machines, eliminating unnecessary stitches that could increase costs or compromise the appearance of your logo.

Decorate on Demand with Vantage

Say goodbye to tying up your capital in inventory. Vantage’s innovative single-vendor purchasing model allows you to decorate on demand and drop-ship as needed. With us, you can significantly boost your profit margins while reducing lead times. Once we receive your order, our team will swiftly decorate and ship your products directly to your customers, with turnaround times as fast as 72 hours, and minimum order quantities as low as one piece.

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National Network for Contract Embroidery

Vantage boasts an extensive network of contract embroidery services across the United States. Whether you choose our embroidery facilities in Avenel, NJ, St. Louis, MO, or Santa Ana, CA, you can count on quick and reliable service. Standard turnaround time is just four business days, regardless of your chosen location.

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Whether you’re seeking a full-service promotional apparel supplier or a dependable decoration partner to integrate seamlessly into your business, Vantage offers the comprehensive services you need to thrive. Trust us for on-demand embroidery, single-piece embroidery, and just-in-time inventory solutions that are simply the best in the industry.

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