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Integrated Company Stores

Amplify Reach and Boost Sales Effectiveness with Integrated Company Stores

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BrightStores Push Integration with Vantage: Streamlining Data Flow from Company Store to production

BrightStores, known for its robust company store platform, has joined forces with Vantage Apparel’s on-demand decoration services to provide businesses with a comprehensive merchandise management solution. This collaboration extends beyond the surface, facilitating the seamless exchange of crucial data such as product information, live inventory updates, and real-time sales order push from BrightStores to Vantage Apparel. This integrated approach empowers distributors to effectively streamline their ordering process and removed the need for manual PO submissions. The partnership between BrightStores and Vantage Apparel signifies a significant step forward in simplifying and enhancing the way distributors handle their company store order fulfilment process.

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Revolutionizing Customized Products: Brikl and Vantage Apparel Unite for Seamless Innovation

Brikl and Vantage Apparel offers a seamless and scalable solution for selling on-demand customized apparel. With Brikl’s cutting-edge MicroStore technology and Vantage’s industry-leading apparel manufacturing, they provide innovation, sustainability, and cost-efficiency. Their integrated services include on-demand production, dynamic art visualization, access to a vast network of suppliers, and seamless integration with Vantage’s product data, inventory, purchase orders, and shipment notifications. This partnership caters to various use cases, from sports teams and special events to fundraising and company stores, offering scalability, efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced customer experiences. 

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OrderMyGear (OMG)

OrderMyGear and Vantage Apparel: Powering Online Sales Together

OrderMyGear and Vantage Apparel have teamed up to offer a smarter way to sell online. OrderMyGear’s online store platform, known for its flexibility, is now integrated with Vantage Apparel’s product data and inventory management. This partnership simplifies the process of selling branded merchandise online, making it easier for businesses to win new customers and grow their sales. With a wide range of online store options, from corporate gifts to team uniforms, businesses can focus on what they do best while leaving the online sales expertise to OrderMyGear and Vantage Apparel.

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RubikX Webstores: Your Ultimate E-Commerce Solution for Promotional Products, fully integrated with Vantage On-Demand

RubikX Webstores Platform is the modern, scalable, and highly tailored e-commerce solution designed specifically for the Promotional Products Industry. With an autonomous connected supply chain at its core, RubikX accelerates digital transformation for distributors by bringing innovation to scale. What sets RubikX apart is its commitment to providing service par-excellence, offering every distributor their own custom-tailored store platform to meet their unique needs. RubikX seamlessly integrates with Vantage’s on-demand offering, enhancing its capabilities even further. Say goodbye to back orders and painful calls with RubikX’s live inventory feature, allowing you to order what you can get right away. Gain end-to-end visibility of your order processing workflow with live order status and shipment notifications.

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