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Leading the Apparel and Promotional Goods Revolution: Brikl and Vantage Unite

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In powerful collaboration with Vantage Apparel, Brikl is thrilled to offer a seamless, future-proof, and scalable solution for selling promotional products.

With Brikl’s cutting-edge MicroStore, on-demand technology, and Vantage’s industry-leading apparel manufacturing, our combined offering ensures innovation, sustainable operations, and incredible cost-efficiency.

Together, we’re redefining what’s possible in the world of customized products.

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Vantage and Brikl’s synergistic innovation and quality ensure an unparalleled solution. Here’s how our integrated services can bring value to your business.

Key Offerings:

• On-demand Production: Revolutionize the way you design, produce, and sell.
• Dynamic Art: Customers can visualize customizations directly on product images, such as names and numbers. Users can upload artwork for review ready for on-demand production.
• Brikl provides access to over 450 suppliers, with visibility on products, inventory, and pricing.
• Integrates with existing solutions like ERPs, CRMs, accounting, and shipping software.
• Build stores with a simple drag-and-drop tool, no coding skills required. Duplicate the store in seconds to create a new one.
• Multi-logos with real-time previews are available for bulk embellishment.
• Brikl offers real-time order data and customizable reports to drive sales.

Use Cases:

1. Sports Teams: Create custom jerseys and equipment with unique names, numbers, and colors.
2. Merchandise: Deliver quality branded apparel with zero upfront costs.
3. Special Events: Handle event merchandise from concept to delivery, all in one platform.
4. Fundraising: Create effective fundraising and charity stores for various causes.
5. Company Stores: Offer store credits, points, purchase orders, and more. Brand your store and motivate employees.


• Scalability: From small businesses to enterprises, we grow with you.
• Efficiency: Reduce lead times and bring products to market faster.
• Sustainability: Showcase your commitment to the environment in an authentic way.
• Customer experience: Drive down lead times, increase retention, and loyalty.

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